OUR EXPERTISE: Custody, Fees & Charges

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We have made arrangements with a third party for the provision of certain dealing and related settlement and custody services. These services will be provided by Winterflood Business Services, a division of Winterflood Securities Limited (“WBS”) and may be made available to you allowing you to deal in a wide range of investments, subject to you entering into an agreement directly with WBS (the terms of which can be reviewed and accepted in our Terms and Conditions).

We will not hold your cash and/or assets. Cash and/or assets will be held on your behalf by WBS, its nominee and/or its sub-custodians or any securities depository as deemed by WBS to be appropriate (or any nominee company thereof) and such persons will hold and administer your cash and/or assets pursuant to the WBS Retail Client Terms and Conditions and in accordance with applicable law (including the FCA Rules and, in particular, the CASS Sourcebook).

Fee / Charge Type Amount
Management fees  
Annual management charge fee only. All fees are plus VAT. Min fee: £1000 (based on 1% of £100k)

First £1 million of portfolio value 1% pa

Next £1 million of portfolio value 0.75% pa

Next £3 million of portfolio value 0.5% pa

Balance of portfolio over £5 million 0.35% pa

Examples of how our charges could apply:

  • For a fund of £100,000, our fee would be 1% of £100,000 = £1,000
  • For a fund of £2,000,000, our fee would be 1% on first £1 million plus 0.75% on next £1 million = £17,500
  • For a fund of £5,000,000, our fee would be 1% on the first £1 million then 0.75% on the next £1 million and 0.5% on the next £3 million = £32,500
Custody and administration fees  These are included in our annual management charge
Dealing costs
Stamp duty/PTM Levy: UK equity purchases 0.5% where applicable

1% on Irish registered stock traded on the London Stock Exchange

The Panel of Takeovers and Mergers levy is currently £1 on all equity transactions of £10,000 or over.

Other charges
Transfer out fee £5 per line of stock